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    Who doesn't love to draw as a child?  Crayons or markers on paper or walls, early on most of us have no problem expressing ourselves through visual art.   As Picasso famously said, "Every child is an artist.  The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up."  

    Well, some of us never lose the fascination with visual expression, though the tools may change.  And sometimes even our subject matter comes full circle:  as a child, I drew horses endlessly, with my own horses Suzy and Skipper as my first models.  While I have painted a wide range of subject matter since then, lately I find myself returning to that first love.  Of course, horses are beautiful and strong; but having had my own mare and foal, the maternal relationship is also a source of inspiration to me.  Horses aren't my only subject matter; but they are certainly my most persistent!

    I have studied art at the Glassell School of Art, the New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts, the University of New Orleans, and the University of Central Missouri;  while workshops with  Sondra Freckelton, Jeanne Dobie, Judy Morris, Katherine Chang Liu, Iain Stewart and others have added to my watercolor "toolbox."   In turn I have been able to help others discover the joy of painting.  I have been blessed to work with  inspiring students aged 5 to 80 in many different settings, including schools, camps and private classes.

    I am a signature member of the Louisiana Watercolor Society and the Watercolor Art Society - Houston (earned through repeated acceptance to juried International Exhibitions with each organization) and regularly participate in shows with WAS-H, the Lone Star Art Guild, and festivals in the greater Houston area.  Many of the paintings on this website have won awards in those shows.